Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Back to Basics

Well, back to posting here, and back to some basic low level grinding. Been thinking a lot about the UBOC, and decided that I am going to make a small deposit ($25-50) on UltimateBet and try to grind the steps to get entries into the UBOC 4 tourneys. Unhappy that I have to dep on UB/AP to do it, but I think there is really good value in the tourneys. My schedule to qualify is as follows:

-Week 1 (December 14th-20th): Step 1
-Week 2 (December 21st-27th): Step 2
-Week 3 (December 28th-January 3rd): Steps 3-4
-Week 4 (January 4th-January 10th): Steps 5-7
-Week 5 (January 11th-January 17th): Steps 8-10

I know that I will probably need more than one week for the step 1s, but I think this is a good start to a schedule. I will try to remember to update this as I qualify (and hopefully end up playing) for the UBOC. Thanks for reading.

Monday, August 31, 2009

A good Sunday, and a WCOOP dream

Well, I got a new job, and to celebrate, I wanted to try to qualify for the Sunday Million. I won a qualifier, unregged, and then won another so I played. Did not win any money in it, got about half way through the field, and then had 9s lose to 4s on the river 4. Was kind of sickening. I managed to take my $55 deposit and run it up to about $270, which was awesome. Going to play the Hundred Grand tonight.

I have also decided to try to qualify for some of the WCOOP events. The ones I am going to try to play are:

1. Event #26: $215 No Limit Hold'Em with $1,000,000 Guaranteed.
2. Event #28: $1,050 No Limit Hold'Em (2-Day Event) with $3,000,000 Guaranteed.
3. Event #43: $215 No Limit Hold'Em with $1,000,000 Guaranteed.
4. Event #45: $5,200 No Limit Hold'Em Main Event (2-Day Event) with $10,000,000 Guaranteed.

If I get some success in these, obviously I would fill in with some more, but those are the main four. Going to start the steps this week.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A good start

I lost $4 on the day, but was a good day. I deposited $75 (was going to be $125, but kept some to pay for other things). Did not do very well, and it dropped to $20ish.

Then, instead of just tilting my money away (like I normally would), I did what people have told me to do for a long time, and I dropped down levels. Also played a double or nothing to win some money (which I did), but more importantly to get some confidence back in my game. Got 1st, 4th, and 6th in some $3.25 45 mans, a 12th in a 90 man, and then the double or nothing match. That was all in about 7 or 8 games.

I was making a lot of smart folds, which I never do. I am always the one who tells myself I am beat, but let's call 75% of my stack just to see it. So I hope I can keep working that out of my game, as the results last night may be a showing of why you fold.

The other thing that was weird was I got pocket aces to no action four times and pocket kings no action three times. That was just frustrating to no end. haha.

Going to keep the deadlines the same and see how today goes, but I am really happy with my game...for now...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An old goal revisited

If you can't tell by now, I kinda like goals. So the goal I had before, I am going to revisit. Going to deposit on Friday, and attempt to go up one level every two weeks. If I can move up in one week, I will. The amounts below are the SnG and Multi-table SnGs Buyins I am playing, but will fit MTTs around that buy in level. So, if it takes two weeks per level, I will be at the $335ish SnGs by 11/06/09. Here are the level details.

1. $6.50
2. $12 multitable SnGs/$16 SnGs: By August 14th. Bankroll at a minimum of $250.
3. $27: By August 28th. Bankroll at a minimum of $550.
4. $38: By September 11th. Bankroll at a minimum of $775.
5. $60: By September 25th. Bankroll at a minimum of $1250.
6. $114: By October 9th. Bankroll at a minimum of $2400.
7. $225: By October 23rd. Bankroll at a minimum of $5750.
8. $335: By November 6th. Bankroll at a minimum of $7000.

Also, besides just getting to the bankroll amounts, I will have to have done a withdrawal in that time frame before I move up. Once I get to the $335 mark (if I do), I will probably play that level for about a week or two and then move down to $114/225 to have more buyins. I will blog my updates, but it will start this week. I am hoping to get it done by February 2010, as I am sure there will be setbacks, but if I were to do it on time would be sick! Good luck me!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Busto again plus a reality check

Well, as usual, I went busto. At this point in time, I am really trying to figure out a few things in both poker and regular life. I am trying to see what job I want, etc. and trying to come up with what I can do to change my poker. I am seeking coaching on some of the forums I check out. See what happens. Will let you know.

One thing that I did do was email PokerStars to get my year to date Deposits/Withdrawals. So far, I have 0 withdrawals, which I am surprised by. And then came the gut check. Total deposits: $2,892.00. I had no idea. Well, I will be keeping that in mind as I try to make a plan.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Well, last night was disappointing to say the least. When I played good, I got coolered. When I played bad, the other player's hand won. For instance, on a flop full of babies, I was raised all my chips with QQ. I knew the other guy had KK or AA since he was very aggressive in early position preflop. So of course I called to see the rockets. Just dumb plays like that. So hopefully will play better and more focused tonight. Trying to look at the positive that I am still up on my deposit, but a little disappointed in my play last night.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back to blogging...Will it help?!

Well, I am once again trying to at least make a new bankroll last longer than normal. So if I blog, maybe I will not play as much or whatever. Anyways, here is last night's events:

Starting bankroll: $150
1. 45-man TURBO-Buyin: $12.00-Finished 3rd-$77.00
2. Negranu Open-$11.00-Finished 2nd of 17-$51.00
3. 180-man-$4.40-Finished 54th-$0.00

Played some $0.25/$0.50 NLHE Cash 6-man this morning. Started with $25 and left with $50.25.

So thus far, made bankroll from $150 to $275. I will try to post more often with hands and such, but here is a start.