Thursday, June 28, 2007

As usual...

Well, I pulled a me yesterday. I started my session yesterday with about $175. I decided to switch it up and play Limit cash game. I played $1/$2 Limit HE while I was playing a $25 buyin multi-table tourney. I proceeded to lose $100 on the cash game and get knocked out on the bubble of the tournament. So I went from being close to moving up levels in SnGs to nearly broke. Good for me. So started today with like $52, but have not cashed in my first two SnGs. Lucky number three, right? If I don't cash in this, it's off to the $2's. Oh brother.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

In the beginning...

...I had $117.40. Tonight is the official start to my goal. I figure I have eight stages, and each stage is a different buyin level. Using the SnG buyins, they are:

1. $6+1
2. $10+1
3. $20+2
4. $30+3
5. $40+4
6. $65+6
7. $100+9
8. $200+15

So basically, I need to move up one level a week. Now, I will add MTTs that are around that buy in as well as Multi-Table SnGs to mix it up, but that is my goal. If I am at the $200+15s by week 8, then my goal is reached. So off to playing.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

It is decided!

Hey guys. So one semester of JUST tuition at the Community College I might go to is just under $2500. So my goal is $3500. That will leave me with $500 to leave in my poker BR and $500 for other college expenses. My paychecks will be helping to pay bills and the like. So the goal is this.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Poker Goal

Hello. One more post tonight. I was bored and was browsing the Full Contact Poker forums (, and notice a post about some guy starting with $100 and wanting to make it $20,000 in 8 weeks. I thought this was a pretty cool idea. So I am going to make a goal that will officially start this Sunday, June 24th. I am going to start with $100 on Absolute Poker. In 8 weeks, I want to have enough for one semester of tuition for my college. I will work on the number later, but wanted to get this idea on here now.

Life Post #1

Hey guys. Have not posted in awhile. Not been playing too much poker other than a freeroll here and there. Been trying to figure out life right now. I am thinking I am going to go back to college this fall. If I do, I will probably go to Des Moines Area Community College, and go to the Ankeny campus. They have a partnership program with Iowa State, and Ankeny is about 15 minutes drive from Ames. So I could live with my buddies in Ames and drive to school. Other options are to keep working as a temp and part-time with my mom, Mercy Corps, become a poker dealer, military, etc. My mom, my dad and I are going to meet on Monday night to discuss my future, so I will be able to let you know then. Hopefully then I can get back on track pokerwise. So anyways, going up to my cabin this weekend and going to run a 5k. That is 3.1 miles, and I am not in good shape at all. So completing it will be a huge accomplishment. My goal is to be done in 40 minutes or less, but it will be hard. That is all for now!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pretty Disappointing finish

Hey again. Was playing in a $5 multi table tonight on UltimateBet. Was down to 25 people and top 20 get the money. I get dealt 10s. I raise it 3x BB and BB calls. Flop is 10 4 K. I check, he does too. Turn is a K. I check, he min bets. I call. River is a 6. I bet half the pot. He pushes, which is an all in for me, which I insta-call to see a K 10 for him. So my 10s full loses to Kings full. Any feedback on how I played the hand is appreciated, but I am going to bed after that.

1st Long Post

Okay. Time to get a long post out there so I can explain who I am.

My name is Phil (no good poker players named Phil, right?). I am 21 and working as a temp in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. I went to college full time for one year and then began working. Now I am trying to get back into school and just trying to figure out when and where.

I have been on the ups and downs of being a poker addict, so now I am trying to figure out better ways to enjoy poker without it hurting me moneywise, etc. When I flunked out of college (Iowa State, by the way), I began working and really got addicted in a bad way to poker. I stole from family and distanced myself from friends because I convinced myself that the only way for me to "get out" of my situation was to win big in poker. Little poker ego trip issue. That went on for about a year. Then I got caught by the family, got yelled at, went through the grief, etc. Which basically brings me to now.

My focus now is to try to get a general business degree, and then use that to get into some sort of poker business. That way I can get a college degree (big accomplishment in life) and enjoy poker. I have also decided to use better Bankroll management, but that is for a later post.

Now, to end on happier things, I am known in the online poker world as PillyPill. I play on the following sites under that screenname:

-Absolute Poker
-Bodog Poker
-Full Tilt Poker
-PokerStars Poker

So if you see a guy playing on those sites as PillyPill, that would be this guy. Anyways, I will leave it at that for now. If something comes up, I will post again! See ya until then!

Monday, June 11, 2007


Hey. I am just typing a welcome message. Thanks for checking out my blog. This is going to be about my life, and a lot about poker. So keep checking for updates as I hope to post daily for you guys!