Monday, January 28, 2008

No FTOPs...New Plan

Well, I have made a decision recently to attempt to move to the Ft. Lauderdale area from Minnesota. I have a friend doing an internship down there, and figured it would be a great experience for a 21 year old. So instead of bumping up my online poker bankroll, I have decided to challenge myself to not deposit again until I get to Miami. It appears that the move would be in about a month. This is a great oppurtunity for me to "walk the walk" and not just "talk the talk".

For three years now, I have told myself, my friends, and my family that I can succeed in life and also play poker. That has led me to living with my parents, having no social life, and so forth. I have set this challenge to prove to myself that I can play poker, enjoy it, and also have a happy and successful life. So FTOPs is no longer a viable option. The only one I am even considering as a possibility is the Main Event, but since I am decreasing the amount of poker I play, it would seem to be harder to get a bankroll in time to qualify. So for now, my life and my poker life are about to merge like never before...and that's walking...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

FTOPs I go again

Hello again. As part of my New Year's Resolutions, I decided I wanted to try to post here more often. So, now two weeks later, here I go.

FTOPs VII is about to start on Full Tilt Poker, and I am going to try my best to qualify for some events this time. I usually wait a while and then try to qualify late in the game, but this time I am starting almost as soon as the qualifiers came out. My main events I am focusing on are:

  • Event #1: $200+16 NLHE ($750,000 Guaranteed)
  • Event #4: $200+16 PLHE ($100,000 Guaranteed)
  • Event #5: $200+16 FLHE 6-max ($150,000 Guaranteed)
  • Event #8: $120+9 NLHE Knockout 6-max ($150,000 Guaranteed)
  • Event #9: $300+22 NLHE ($1,000,000 Guaranteed)
  • Event #10: $1,000+60 6-max ($1,000,000 Guaranteed)
  • Event #14: $300+22 Razz ($150,000 Guaranteed)
  • Event #15: $200+16 NLHE 6-max ($150,000 Guaranteed)
  • Event #17: $2,500+120 NLHE Two-Day Event ($1,500,000 Guaranteed)
  • Event #19: $240+16 NLHE Knockout ($300,000 Guaranteed)
  • Event #20: $500+35 NLHE Main Event ($2,000,000 Guaranteed)

I know it is a lot, so I am hoping I get in atleast half of them. Working on Event #1 right now. Anyways, I will try to update you on the progress here in the next month on a regular basis. Please post if you want to say hi! Talk you you all later!