Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An old goal revisited

If you can't tell by now, I kinda like goals. So the goal I had before, I am going to revisit. Going to deposit on Friday, and attempt to go up one level every two weeks. If I can move up in one week, I will. The amounts below are the SnG and Multi-table SnGs Buyins I am playing, but will fit MTTs around that buy in level. So, if it takes two weeks per level, I will be at the $335ish SnGs by 11/06/09. Here are the level details.

1. $6.50
2. $12 multitable SnGs/$16 SnGs: By August 14th. Bankroll at a minimum of $250.
3. $27: By August 28th. Bankroll at a minimum of $550.
4. $38: By September 11th. Bankroll at a minimum of $775.
5. $60: By September 25th. Bankroll at a minimum of $1250.
6. $114: By October 9th. Bankroll at a minimum of $2400.
7. $225: By October 23rd. Bankroll at a minimum of $5750.
8. $335: By November 6th. Bankroll at a minimum of $7000.

Also, besides just getting to the bankroll amounts, I will have to have done a withdrawal in that time frame before I move up. Once I get to the $335 mark (if I do), I will probably play that level for about a week or two and then move down to $114/225 to have more buyins. I will blog my updates, but it will start this week. I am hoping to get it done by February 2010, as I am sure there will be setbacks, but if I were to do it on time would be sick! Good luck me!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Busto again plus a reality check

Well, as usual, I went busto. At this point in time, I am really trying to figure out a few things in both poker and regular life. I am trying to see what job I want, etc. and trying to come up with what I can do to change my poker. I am seeking coaching on some of the forums I check out. See what happens. Will let you know.

One thing that I did do was email PokerStars to get my year to date Deposits/Withdrawals. So far, I have 0 withdrawals, which I am surprised by. And then came the gut check. Total deposits: $2,892.00. I had no idea. Well, I will be keeping that in mind as I try to make a plan.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Well, last night was disappointing to say the least. When I played good, I got coolered. When I played bad, the other player's hand won. For instance, on a flop full of babies, I was raised all my chips with QQ. I knew the other guy had KK or AA since he was very aggressive in early position preflop. So of course I called to see the rockets. Just dumb plays like that. So hopefully will play better and more focused tonight. Trying to look at the positive that I am still up on my deposit, but a little disappointed in my play last night.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back to blogging...Will it help?!

Well, I am once again trying to at least make a new bankroll last longer than normal. So if I blog, maybe I will not play as much or whatever. Anyways, here is last night's events:

Starting bankroll: $150
1. 45-man TURBO-Buyin: $12.00-Finished 3rd-$77.00
2. Negranu Open-$11.00-Finished 2nd of 17-$51.00
3. 180-man-$4.40-Finished 54th-$0.00

Played some $0.25/$0.50 NLHE Cash 6-man this morning. Started with $25 and left with $50.25.

So thus far, made bankroll from $150 to $275. I will try to post more often with hands and such, but here is a start.