Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Poker Goal

Hello. One more post tonight. I was bored and was browsing the Full Contact Poker forums (, and notice a post about some guy starting with $100 and wanting to make it $20,000 in 8 weeks. I thought this was a pretty cool idea. So I am going to make a goal that will officially start this Sunday, June 24th. I am going to start with $100 on Absolute Poker. In 8 weeks, I want to have enough for one semester of tuition for my college. I will work on the number later, but wanted to get this idea on here now.

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farmist said...

Sounds good Phil. I am also going to give it a shot, but I am doing a longer tmie frame and a lower cash expectancy...I don't play as much. I started a blog too and will post often.

GL and TID