Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pretty Disappointing finish

Hey again. Was playing in a $5 multi table tonight on UltimateBet. Was down to 25 people and top 20 get the money. I get dealt 10s. I raise it 3x BB and BB calls. Flop is 10 4 K. I check, he does too. Turn is a K. I check, he min bets. I call. River is a 6. I bet half the pot. He pushes, which is an all in for me, which I insta-call to see a K 10 for him. So my 10s full loses to Kings full. Any feedback on how I played the hand is appreciated, but I am going to bed after that.

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thb said...

That's a huge cooler. I think that when he min bet the turn that I may have raised about four times his bet just to know where you're at. Though, it's hard to say because I don't know how deepstacked you were. I think that the money is getting in no matter what there. Nothing you can do at all except maybe find a way to see his whole cards.